Monday, September 17, 2012

4 Ways To Get Water

Water is a very important and scarce resource in FarmVille 2. In a way, Water takes the place of Energy that was required in the original FarmVille. You will need Water in FV2 to grow Plants and Crops, not to mention it is needed in some Crafting Recipes as well. This guide will show you the ways to obtain more water in FarmVille 2.

4 Ways To Get More Water

1. Leveling Up- When you earn enough experience you will level up. Upon level up you will be granted +20 water. While this is not the best method to obtain water, in the earlier levels it is easier to level up and get this extra water.

2. Water Packs- You can ask your FarmVille 2 friends to give you water packs. Once you are given water packs you can go to your inventory and use water from those water packs. You can also buy water packs for FarmVille 2 bucks, but FV2 bucks cost actual money.

3. Water Wells- Once you own a water well you will be able to harvest 10 water per well every 4 hours. The first area that you unlock will give you 1x Water Well. The Waterpatch also has 1x Water Well once you unlock it. Finally you can buy Water Wells from the General Store for 14,000 Coins. It will probably take you until around Level 8 or 9 to afford the Water Well. Unlocking The Waterpatch will take even longer.

4. Visiting FV2 Friends- Each time you visit one of your FarmVille 2 friends and help out on their farm 5 times you will receive 1 extra water. There is a limit to how much water you can receive from visiting friends every day.

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  1. Dont forget clicking on the sprinklers on your neighbors farm gives you water, PLUS gives your neighbor water....a win-win for everyone..